3 Year Business Anniversary

Can you believe it?! Destination E has officially turned 3!!!

I’m glad I decided to take the leap of faith to start my business back in 2019. I am very proud of the milestones I have achieved so far, and I can’t wait to see what the future has instore.

I decided to celebrate in Cartagena, Columbia. Check out my new YouTube video including highlights of my time there. Like, Comment, Subscribe & Enjoy: YouTube

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Travel With Destination E

Top 5 Reasons To Use A Travel Advisor

1. We Are Experts:

Travel Advisors provide professional expertise and offer a service and support that cannot be received when you book a trip online. We complete a consultation to better understand the vision you have for your vacation. We spend time planning, researching, and creating an itinerary that exceeds your expectations. We can book each component of your trip including your flights, accommodations, excursions, transfers, and dinner reservations, just to name a few. We provide excellent customer service support before, during, and after your trip. We also send out important trip documents via email or in the mail. Most importantly we answer the phone when you call and respond promptly to your texts and emails. If you need more convincing, click here to find out why booking with a Travel Advisor is better versus an online platform.

2. We Save You Time & Money:

It is often a misconception that you will pay more for your trip if you work with a Travel Advisor. We have relationships and access to countless travel companies, additional perks, deals, and amenities. We do our best to stay within your budget and offer a payment plan if available. If you find the exact vacation a Travel Advisor designed for you for a lower price, we can very often Price Match to get you the best deal. Some Travel Advisors do charge a reasonable professional fee or retainer for their services. In return we provide you peace of mind, so you can enjoy your vacation without having to sweat the details. We will also explain cancellation policies to you before booking a trip. If you must cancel your trip, we will fight hard to get your money back and/or future travel credits when possible. No need to spend hours on hold; we will do it for you.

3. We Keep You Informed:

We are still in a pandemic. Travel Advisors must remain up to date on the latest changes and requirements. We can help you understand and navigate the current travel requirements as well. For example, we will keep you informed about a country’s entry and exit requirements, recommend testing locations near you and in the destination, let you know what documentation needs to be completed in order to travel, and provide you with the necessary information needed before you go on vacation.

4. We Got You Covered:

Travel insurance is not required to travel but is highly recommended. Travel Advisors can secure a travel insurance quote to protect your travel investment. In these times putting out a few hundred dollars for travel insurance is better than losing out on thousands of dollars if you must cancel your vacation. We can assist when emergencies arise while you are on vacation and assist with filing an insurance claim when you return. Most travel insurance companies also offer 24/7 emergency assistance, concierge services, medical coverage, and more.

5. We Have Your Back:

Travel is different now. Travel Advisors must go a step further to see what amenities are currently available at resorts and hotels. We check to see what is currently open in the destination including restaurants, excursions, activities, nightlife, etc. You know that part about being there for you during your trip, we will check in with you and do what we can to get you home safely.

As you can see from the list above Travel Advisors are a vital source to use if you decide to travel during this time. And do not forget about our personal travel experiences, travel education, expertise, and the love for travel that makes us the ideal person to plan your next vacation.

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Let’s Take A Trip To Cabo

This was my first vacation since I became a travel agent and boy was I ready to go somewhere. I have been wanting to check out a RIU resort and was excited to visit one of their new all-inclusive adult-only resorts RIU Baja California in Cabo San Lucas. I think Cabo has been on most girls travel list since the days of MTV’s Laguna Beach.

The RIU brand is known for having a party-like atmosphere. We certainly got that vibe from the moment we checked in. They offered us a welcome drink and every room has a liquor dispenser. They will restock it every day if needed (more José Cuervo, please!). During our stay, their events included a white pool party, a pink pool party and a neon pool party. Of course, you don’t have to dress in those colors, but it makes for a cool pic if you and your squad match the theme. Baja’s guests also have access to the 2 neighboring resorts and their amenities. We checked out their discotheque and water park, which was a lot of fun.

Now let’s talk about the food. This resort had one buffet where you could eat breakfast and lunch. They also had lunch options at the grill by the pool and a 24-hour snack bar by the lobby. For dinner, they had multiple specialty restaurants to choose from including Fusion, Japanese, Indian, a Steakhouse, and Italian. The buffet was so/so, I tried to stick with options that were made to order such as an omelet, waffles/pancakes, a steak off the grill, pasta or stir fry. We tried a new restaurant each night and my favorite was the Italian restaurant. For starters, I had calamari and fried mozzarella. For dinner I had lamb chops with potatoes and asparagus. I also enjoyed the Fusion restaurant; the lobster risotto was pretty tasty.

Now for the nightlife. Cabo’s downtown area is where you can find most of the nightclubs. There was no cover charge. The entrances of the clubs are semi-outside so you can hear what type of music is being played before you go inside. My friends and I are fans of most music but mainly Hip-Hop/R&B so we would listen to see what song was playing before deciding which club to try out next. We visited El Squid Roe (they loved us there/you are allowed to dance on top of tables), Mandala, La Vaquita and Crush Nightspot. Crush is a Hip Hop club and they have a upstairs balcony where you can dance outside and people watch.

So, if you are ever in Cabo, certainly check out the RIU Baja California. I give the resort a 4 out of 5 stars rating. Check out the downtown area if you are in the mood for nightlife. And of course, if you ever need help planning your next vacation, I’m here!

*We hope you like the places we listed. Just so you know, Destination E may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to book a stay.*

My Travel Bucket List

Most of the time when I mention I’m a travel agent, people are intrigued and want to know all the places I’ve been. If I’m asked that question around my family, before I can even respond:

Them: “The question should be where hasn’t she been?”

Leave it up to them I’ve been everywhere, I’m always on vacation or about to go somewhere. But I can admit, I do often think about where my next vacation will be. So I had to ask myself, “what is on your travel bucket list?”

Here’s My Top 10:

I hope to cross a few off the list soon! Where do you want to go next?!

What Led Me to Become A Travel Agent

For years I had been calling myself the ‘unofficial travel agent’ because I would plan and research most of the vacations I took with family and friends. I even started customizing itineraries so everyone would know the plans for each day and more importantly how much money to bring. I’m also big on immersing in the culture of any place we visit and making sure we all have a great time. So not only was I planning our trips, I was starting to get requests from more friends, family, even coworkers, to put together a trip for them too. And I know you’re thinking why didn’t you become a travel agent years ago? Trust me it has always been at the back of my mind.

It didn’t quite hit me that I should consider changing career paths to the travel industry until the upcoming days of my 30th birthday last year. I literally had 3 days to cancel my original trip plans and plan a trip to Italy. I was so stressed out, I even shed a few tears, but I was determined to make it happen. My sister and I finally decided to go to London and four cities in Italy-Rome, Venice, and the Amalfi Coast-Sorrento and Capri Island. I call it the ‘planes, trains and automobiles trip’. It was quite an adventure and turned out to be one of the most beautiful experiences of our lives! Everything fell into place and ran so smoothly. Now every time I hear Italy, my heart smiles. I think about the great people we met, the amazing food we ate, the breathtaking views and beautiful places we stayed. I would do it all over again because it got me here today. It felt like that moment I turned 30, I decided “I’m only doing things that make me happy.” One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.” – Andre Gide

30th Birthday in Sorrento, Italy
Mediterranean Sea/hotel pool in Sorrento
In Rome with my older sister Kevina!
Faragolioni Rocks Of Capri
View from the yacht
Breakfast in Bed in Rome
The best pizza ever in Venice