The Poconos

My friend called me in need of a getaway. She must have read my mind because I was just thinking about taking a trip to the Poconos. We decided on a quick 2-day trip.

On our way to the Poconos, we made a stop at Raw Urban Winery & Hard Cidery in Stroudsburg, PA for a wine and cider tasting. We were all fans of the Amethyst wine; we loved the purple color. The owners were very friendly and knowledgeable about their products. We made sure to purchase bottles of wine, support a local restaurant and we even ordered some cocktails to go.

We rented a vacation home in Albrightsville, PA. We wanted the option to cook our meals and have separate bedrooms. The place we chose was beautiful, contemporary, clean, and cozy. My older sister decided to join us and cooked the meals during our stay (she is pretty talented!). She even made us brunch and a fancy dinner with lobster and steak; she also figured out how to light the fireplace so we could make s’mores.

The next day my friend and I visited Camelback Resort to snow tube. I am not sure where my daredevil instincts went but I was a little nervous. When I got to the top of the hill, the staff member had to give me a little push and boy was I flying. After snow tubing, we checked out the food truck on the premises and sat by their outdoor fire pit to warm up.

If you are ready for a local getaway, want to explore a town in the U.S., or are ready to get out of the country. I am always here to help. And my friend can vouch for my travel planning skills. She stated, “I need to make a video telling people about you because you handled everything. All I had to do was pack my bags and show up. I needed this and I had so much fun.” That was music to my ears because that’s how I like everyone’s trip to go!